About Us

Englewood Development Management manages commercial real estate projects from "Due Diligence" through Grand Opening. Englewood leads and manages teams of Architects, Engineers, Designers and Building Consultants to form a unified organization of professionals to manage your real estate development needs. We provide a single source for all of your real estate development requirements; from Design and Development Management to Project Management and Tenant Coordination.

We consider our teams as being the Premier Owner's Representative that have the unique ability to program your design and construction requirements while becoming your Advocate. Englewood has 35 years of experience that allows us to customize a development solution designed specifically to your project's requirements.

Englewood has designed a custom "cloud based" Project Management System that allows for the entire team to have access to "real-time" information allowing the team to instantaneously communicate and problem solve. Englewood's wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to add significant value to your real estate project as it relates to your schedule, budget, quality and human resource allocation.