A comprehensive Due Diligence Investigation is an essential step to consider prior to the purchase of any commercial real estate. This assures the purchaser an awareness of all facts relative to the intended use or disposition of the property beyond closing. Englewood Development Management possesses the experience and ability to expose potential usage issues and cost overruns before they happen using real world data and current market values nationally. Critical elements to consider for review are:

  • Site analysis
  • Property Condition Assessment Survey
  • Environmental (Phase 1 and 2), geotechnical, survey, utility and traffic reports
  • Zoning and code compliance
  • Budget and proforma
  • Schedule
  • Entitlements
  • Accuracy of construction documents as it relates to budget and program
  • Agreements and contracts with design consultants, engineers and testing agencies
  • Leases and tenant work letters
  • Value Engineering